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Discovering Alghero beaches by car

All the places in Sardinia are extraordinary but one particularly, Alghero, with its peculiar Catalan touch. It is near Sassari, located in the north-west of the island of Sardinia and it considered one of the doorway to Sardinia, because of its proximity to Fertilia airport.

And that’s not all! In fact Alghero is right in the center of “Riviera di Corallo” whose name is due to the great quantity of coral in the seabed. The fine quality coral is very much-sought by the scuba divers and it is very important for the local culture and economy, also present in its coat of arms.

We recommend you to go and visit it, also because the Alghero beaches are beaches of rare beauty and dream like places which are worth a visit even for a short drive by car: just check car rental alghero airport to book your auto.

Recently, Alghero “Maria Pia” beach has been awarded as one of the top ten beaches to visit in Italy by TripAdvisor 2018 travellers’ choice.

Mugoni Beach
It is a long beach with a fine sand and a fresh water even during the summertime. The seabed is sandy and the beach is protected by a thick woods. Following a pave patch you will discover the second beach of Mugoni, la Stalla. You can easily reach them moving from Alghero to Capo Caccia.

About 10 km after Fertilia, you will find a roundabout. Turn right towards Capo Caccia and after about 2 km turn on the left; you will get to Mugoni. There is a big car park (free until the end of June) where you can leave your car.

Mugoni beach in Alghero Sardinia
Mugoni Beach

La Speranza Beach
Its real name is Porto Pollina because of the old tower placed along the coastline remembering the “aragonese” period.

The name Speranza, instead, is due to a little church placed in the surroundings. The sand in La Speranza is clear and fine, the seabed is low and there is a clear sea water. It is 8 km far from Alghero and you can reach it following the road SP105 for Bosa.

speranza beach alghero
Speranza Beach

Porticciolo Beach
Porticciolo Beach, instead, is in the North of Alghero and offers a good variety of beaches and bays surrounded by the unique Mediterranean scrub. The sand in Porticciolo is slightly yellow and the sea colors are ones of the most beautiful.

You can reach it moving from Alghero and following the road towards Fertilia. Once arrived in Fertilia, turn to Santa Maria La Palma. You will find an intersection. Then turn on the left toward Capo Caccia. After about 2 km a road sign will guide you to Porticciolo.

porticciolo beach alghero

Le Bombarde and Lazzaretto beaches
Some of you (especially those who visited Sardinia and Alghero in the past) may ask why we left out two of the most popular beaches in Alghero: Le Bombarde and Lazzaretto.

Personally speaking we recently checked them out and we have to say that the Bombarde and the Lazzaretto beaches are full of stones now and they have become quite small compared to last years so they may accommodate few people (it happens now and then – this is due to the sea currents and the tide which removes the sand).

Crystal water, amazing colors, authenticity. The perfect adjectives for Sardinia and its coasts, the favorite destination of tourists.

You cannot go wrong if you choose this region for your holiday or for a couple of days far from the chaos, because relax and wellness are guaranteed in this Mediterranean pearl.

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