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Bosa in Sardinia: things to do and places to visit

The picturesque and ancient town of Bosa in Sardinia, is a popular destination for tourists, and a wealth of cultural and historical attractions makes it so.

Located on the Temo River and the sea, Bosa features a very pretty marina, a glorious Mediterranean beach and many fine restaurants, bars and hotels. The local cuisine, well worth sampling, is predominantly seafood, and the local wine, Malvasia, is also a treat.

Malaspina Castle and the Historic District
The most important historical building in the town is the 12th century Malaspina castle, a once glorious building that now lies in partial ruins, although the walls and some towers remain.

church in the castle of bosa
The church in the castle of Bosa

Within the walls a quaint old church resides, which features some highly regarded wall paintings from the 13th century.

The castle was an important strategic building for a wealthy local family, and still casts an imposing shadow in its current state, overlooking and protecting the town.

You can buy a single ticket to visit the Castle, the Palatine Chapel and the church of San Pietro for 5,50EUR.

bosa malaspina castle
The towers of the Malaspina castle

Such historical delights are no surprise in this colourful, friendly and welcoming town, and Corso Vittorio Emanuele II – the main street in the historic part of the town – features a variety of interesting and historically important buildings in the form of shops and houses, as well as restaurants and bars.

bosa downtown
Bosa downtown

Also within the area is the cathedral, a more modern building than those surrounding it, while there are many quaint and quiet traditional streets and squares featuring cafes that are perfect for lunch and coffee.

Traditions and Feast Days
Bosa is a town with many traditions, including the August procession on the river in honour of Our Lady the Protector of the Sea, the Virgin Mary, which is a spectacular occasion that brings the town to life, while there are also feast days throughout the year, much in the tradition of many small Italian towns.

Bosa is very much suitable for a romantic holiday, and lies in the beautiful Oristano province, in the Planargia flatlands, and there is plenty to see and do in the surrounding region.

Getting to Bosa by Road
The town is best reached by driving from the town of Alghero, where international flights arrive and depart from, and the drive from the airport to the destination is worth the visit alone.

The spectacular coastal scenery afforded by the journey gives a perfect impression of the sheer beauty of Sardinia, and with a journey time of little over an hour is a very pleasant trip.

From the airport, where you can rent a vehicle, take the SP44 for little under 3km before following signs for the SP42 for a similar distance. Signposts towards Bosa should take you on a variety of roads that skirt the coast, until joining SP105, which makes up the bulk of the journey for just over 20km.

With the beautiful Mediterranean always on the left you may wish to stop and explore some of the wonderfully evocative rocky coves that dot the coast on the route.

A typical Sardinian town with plenty of charm and interest, Bosa is a must-see destination in many ways, and makes for a very enjoyable holiday.

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