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Festivals and events in Sardinia 2021

Nothing compares to Sardinia when it comes to amazing landscapes and breath-taking sea view. But what about events, sport events and festivals?

Let’s look at the main Sardinian events for 2021 divided by month so it’s easier for you readers to choose which event to attend and when.

IMPORTANT: due to the current situation most of the events are being postponed or cancelled.

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  1. In 2021 this prominent equestrian event is going to take place in February in Oristano. More on this event on the dedicated page of our blog: Sa Sartiglia Starts: February 14 2021 Ends: February 16 2021
    Oristano Sardinia 09170


  1. Sea urchin Festival (Rassegna del riccio del mare – Bogamarì) The fishing of the sea urchin (called “Bogamarì” in Catalan) and its festival is a long-awaited tradition not only by the Alghero inhabitants but also by tourists. Starts: March 01 2020 Ends: March 30 2020
    Alghero Sardinia 07041


  1. Rally dei Nuraghi e del Vermentino ***Event postponed*** The Rally dei Nuraghi e del Vermentino will be held on the roads of Gallura on 4 and 5 April. The race is valid for the Italian Rally Terra Championship. Starts: April 4 2020 Ends: April 5 2020
    Berchidda, Monti, Oschiri Sardinia 07027
  2. Alghero is also popular for the rituals remembering the Crucifixion with a mix of Italian and Catalan traditions. Starts: April 5 2020 Ends: April 12 2020
    Alghero Sardinia 07041
  3. International Street Food International Street Food is an event dedicated to street food and is held in the island of Sant’Antioco. Four days of good food and entertainment, with street performers, exhibitors and concerts every night. (dates to be confirmed) Starts: April 19 2020 Ends: April 22 2020
    Sant’Antioco – Province of South Sardinia Sardinia 09017
  4. America’s Cup World Series Cagliari 2020 **CANCELLED The grand opening of the 36th edition of the ACWS is taking place in the historic city of Cagliari. Fans can follow the event on various high definition screens placed around the race village. Starts: April 23 2020 Ends: April 26 2020
    Cagliari Sardinia 09121


  1. A colorful parade going through the streets of Cagliari and surrounded by beautifully dressed attendants. Starts: May 01 2020 Ends: May 04 2020
    Cagliari Sardinia 09010
  2. Festa di Sant’Antioco Martire The festival of Sant’Antioco (660th edition!) is one of the most important events of the island that embodies tradition, folklore, faith, food and entertainment. Sant’Antioco is the patron saint of Sardinia (dates to be confirmed). Starts: May 4 2020 Ends: May 6 2020
    Sant’Antioco (Carbonia-Iglesias province) Sardinia 09017
  3. Cagliari open monuments The ancient and rich cultural heritage of Cagliari will be shown by volunteers, mostly students of the city schools and the metropolitan area. Starts: May 9 2020 Ends: May 10 2020
    Cagliari Sardinia 09010
  4. Festa di San Simplicio One of the most important events in Olbia, the “Festa di San Simplicio” represents an appointment deeply felt by the citizens of this town: this festival includes dress parades, poetry and songs in Sardinian language and local gastronomy. Not to be missed the fireworks show at night. Starts: May 15 2020 Ends: May 15 2020
    Olbia (Olbia-Tempio) Sardinia 07026
  5. The Cavalcata Sarda is a parade held in Sassari and organized to celebrate the visit to the city of Sassari of King Umberto I. Starts: May 24 2020 Ends: May 24 2020
    Sassari Sardinia 07100
  6. Rally Parco Geominerario The 2020 edition of the “Rally Parco Geominerario” will take place across the old mines and industrial sites of the province of the Medio Campidano and the villages of Arbus, Guspini and Montevecchio. Starts: May 3 2020 Ends: May 3 2020
    Arbus, Guspini, Montevecchio Sardinia 08040
  7. GiroTonno The GiroTonno (tuna festival) event is basically an international culinary competition held in the island of San Pietro in the southwest of Sardinia where gastronomes promote the local ancient tradition of the “tonnare” (tuna traps). Starts: May 30 2020 Ends: June 02 2020
    Carloforte (San Pietro island) Sardinia 09014


  1. The Italian round of the Rally WRC Sardinia will be held once again for the fifth year in a row in Sardinia from 4 to 7 June 2020. Do not miss this opportunity to attend the Rally in this amazing island. Starts: June 4 2020 Ends: June 7 2020
    Alghero Sardinia 07041
  2. Bosa wine Festival The 6th edition of the Bosa Wine Festival is a food and wine event dedicated to the best Sardinian and national products. Bosa is located in the province of Oristano, in the west coast of central Sardinia. Starts: June 07 2019 Ends: June 08 2019
    Bosa (Oristano) Sardinia 08013
  3. Feast of St Giovanni (Focs de Sant Joan) This event is held each year in Alghero on the St Giovanni beach; it is a feast that celebrates the beginning of the summer, the friendship and brotherhood with its famous fires (called Focs in Catalan). Friends (must be dressed in white) who want to seal their friendship are invited to the propitiatory Jump of the Fire (Salto del Fuoco) on the beach. Starts: June 23 2020 Ends: June 23 2020
    Alghero Sardinia 07041
  4. Skid Row in concert The popular American hard rock band will perform in Cagliari at the Fabrik venue located in via Goffredo Mameli 216. Starts: June 28 2020 Ends: June 28 2020
    Cagliari Sardinia 09121


  1. S’Ardia A wild horse ride made in honour of Saint Constantine (with 100 knights), which takes place every year on July 6 and is repeated on the morning of July 7 (the event is cancelled for 2020); this horse ride remembers the battle of the “Milvian Bridge” between Constantine and Maxentius. Starts: July 06 2020 Ends: July 07 2020
    Sedilo (Oristano) Sardinia 09076
  2. Birralguer – Sardinian Craft Beer Festival This is the 12 edition of the popular Sardinian craft beer festival held in Alghero. Starts: July 25 2019 Ends: July 27 2019
    Alghero Sardinia 07041
  3. James Blunt concert – Forte Arena in Pula The popular singer-songwriter James Blunt will perform in Sardinia at the Forte Arena located in Pula (province of Cagliari) on July. Starts: July 27 2020 Ends: July 27 2020
    Forte Arena, Strada Statale 195 Sulcitana, Pula (Cagliari) Sardinia 09050


  1. Time in Jazz Berchidda (located in the province of Sassari) and the neighbouring villages are hosting the most important Jazz music event in Sardinia and one of the most important in Italy. This is the 32nd edition of this jazz music festival: a lot of special guests are attending coordinated by the founder Paolo Fresu. Starts: August 07 2019 Ends: August 16 2019
    Berchidda Sardinia 07022
  2. Calici di stelle 2019 This is the most awaited summer event by wine lovers: it takes place on the night of San Lorenzo (10 August) in Sennori (province of Sassari) where you can taste the fine wine produced by the local wineries in Sennori and Romangia and taste the delicacies and the typical gastronomy of the Sardinian tradition while listening to great music on the streets. Do not forget to take your serigraphed glass with its little bag. Moreover, the local astrophile amateur association organises stars gazing with telescopes at night. The same festival takes place on the 9 of August in Dorgali (province of Nuoro) where you can taste the wine produced by the local wineries. Starts: August 02 2019 Ends: August 11 2019
    Dorgali and Sennori Sardinia 07036
  3. “Candelieri” means Candle bearers: in this parade locals carry large candles representing the different Sassari districts they belong to. This is a huge and popular event held in Sassari which we covered earlier in the Descent of the Candelieri blog post. NOTE: This event is cancelled for 2020 Starts: August 14 2020 Ends: August 14 2020
    Sassari Sardinia 07100
  4. Sagra del Redentore “Il Redentore” is a traditional festival (with religious and folklore events) held in Nuoro during the last Sunday in August. Not to be missed the parades of masks and costumes typical of Sardinia. Starts: August 30 2020 Ends: August 30 2020
    Nuoro Sardinia 08100


  1. Autunno in Barbagia A popular event where 32 Sardinian villages (among them Bitti, Oliena, Dorgali, Fonni) open their doors to tourists who want to explore the history, the culture and the most authentic traditions of the island. Find out the complete villages list. Starts: September 1 2019 Ends: December 15 2019
    Ottana, Orotelli, Oniferi, Ortueri Sardinia 08100
  2. Cronoscalata Alghero – Scala Piccada This is a popular time trial automobile race held in Alghero (58th edition this year); the 5-km race starts from Alghero and ends in Villanova Monteleone (province of Sassari). Both historic and new car models may participate. Starts: September 27 2019 Ends: September 29 2019
    Alghero Sardinia 07041
  3. Sant Miquel Alghero (Festival of Saint Michael) The feast of “Sant Miquel” is celebrated each year during the last weekend of September with a 12-day festival in honour of St. Michael the patron saint of the city. This celebration used to mark the culmination of the summer season in Alghero; as of today it has become more a must see for visitors with its games, music and many events. Starts: September 29 2019 Ends: September 29 2019
    Alghero Sardinia 07041


  1. Rally Terra Sarda The Rally Terra Sarda is also known as Rally d’Ogliastra as it takes place in the province of Ogliastra (east coast of Sardinia) usually in the nearby villages of Lanusei, Tortolì, Urzulei, Bari Sardo and more. Starts: October 3 2020 Ends: October 4 2020
    Province of Ogliastra Sardinia 08040
  2. Rally Internazionale Costa Smeralda Storico The Rally Internazionale Costa Smeralda Storico (International Historic Costa Smeralda Rally) is an automotive event attended by the drivers and cars that have made the history of the rallies. Starts: October 17 2020 Ends: October 18 2020
    Porto Cervo Sardinia 07021
  3. Sapori d’Autunno 2019 Sapori d’Autunno 2019 was born with the intention of promoting the territory and the traditions of the communities of these villages: Villa San Pietro, Ussana, Villasor, Seventh St. Peter, Soleminis and Uta. Starts: October 27 2019 Ends: December 15 2019
    Uta, Ussana, Villasor Sardinia 09068
  4. IRONMAN 70.3 Sardegna The IRONMAN 70.3 Sardegna triathlon will be held in Santa Margherita di Pula (Cagliari) Starts: October 25 2020 Ends: October 25 2020
    Santa Margherita di Pula Sardinia 09010


  1. Shardana Rally The Shardana Rally is a national automotive event attended by many people; it takes place in the villages of the Gallura region like Aggius, Aglientu, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Tempio Pausania, Trinità D’Agultu. Starts: November 28 2020 Ends: November 29 2020
    Aggius, Aglientu, Badesi Sardinia 07020


  1. Cap’Any 2020 in Alghero Christmas and New Year’s Eve are not to be missed in Alghero: as usual the city will salute the new year with the amazing fireworks show that will take place in the harbour area. Starts: December 31 2019 Ends: January 01 2020
    Alghero Sardinia 07041
  2. New Year’s Eve in Olbia 2020 New Year’s Eve in the Olbia harbour with the show of the popular Italian singer Elisa Starts: December 31 2019 Ends: January 01 2020
    Olbia Sardinia 07026
  3. New Year’s Eve in Cagliari 2020 As usual in Cagliari the New Years’s eve will be celebrated in 3 different squares: Piazza Yenne (music with the popular Italian singer and songwriter Vinicio Capossela), Piazza San Giacomo (Mambo Django), Bastione di Santa Croce (Smash Hits). Starts: December 31 2019 Ends: January 01 2020
    Cagliari Sardinia 09121
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