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The Best Beaches For Kids And Families In Sardinia

Currently there are more than 16 beaches for kids in Sardinia according to a research carried out by Professor Italo Farnetani where he selected the so called “green flags” beaches through a survey conducted among a large sample of Italian pediatricians.

The best beaches suitable for families with children in Sardinia are located in:
Bari Sardo
Cala Domestica
Capo Coda Cavallo
Carloforte and San Pietro island: La Caletta, Punta Nera, Girin and Guidi beaches
Castelsardo: Ampurias beach
Is Aruttas: Mari Ermi beach
La Maddalena: Punta Tegge and Spalmatore beaches
Marina di Orosei: Berchida and Bidderosa beaches
Oristano: Torre Grande beach
Poetto beach
Quartu Sant’Elena
Santa Giusta beach
San Teodoro
Santa Teresa di Gallura
Tortolì: Lido di Orrì and Lido di Cea beaches

All the selected beaches in Sardinia had to comply with the following main features:
Presence of beach attendants and lifeguards
Presence of beach with sand
Enough space between beach umbrellas for children to play
Sea water not too deep in the proximity of the seashore
Presence of equipment suitable for children and facilities for parents like shops and restaurants.

Obviously attention is also paid to the quality of the environment and the sea water.

Take a look at the map of the best beaches for family with young children in Sardinia

*this list mentions Alghero but does not specify any beach.
We would suggest the Lido beaches and the beaches located in the Maria Pia area; in our opinion are the best for families with children. On the other hand there are other beaches like the Lazzaretto that are not that suitable, due for example to the deep sea water close to the shoreline.

On the other hand we feel that many beautiful Sardinian beaches perfect for kids are missing like La Pelosa in Stintino for example.

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