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Sardinia Weather

The beautiful island of Sardinia offers many delights for holidaymakers. A place of tradition and rich history, this culturally exciting island is also party to some wonderful weather, and features many intriguing towns and cities that are fantastic to visit even in September and October.

Timing your holiday in Sardinia to get the best weather means you can enjoy it to the full, so we’ve taken a look at the weather across the year.

Weather and Climate in Sardinia in May and June

May marks the start of the summer season in Sardinia, and the weather in Sardinia in May is ideal for a warm and pleasant vacation on this amazing island.

sardinia weather june
Weather in Sardinia in June

With average temperatures of 17°c and highs of as much as 22°c you can enjoy nine hours of sunshine per day to brighten up your stay, and have fun on the wonderful beaches and in the warm waters.

The weather in Sardinia in June is quite spectacular, with average temperatures of 21°c and highs of 26°c, and sunshine throughout the entire day.

Furthermore, it’s at this time of year that the sea water is at its warmest, so you can enjoy swimming and water sports even more.

Weather in Sardinia in September and October

The six-month summer season enjoyed by Sardinia is one reason why people choose this charming island as a holiday destination.

Beginning in May, summer sun can be experienced all the way through to October, and brings visitors to the island to enjoy the wonderful ambience, superb food and delightful places to visit.

September is a warm month, with highs of 26°c and lengthy, sunny days and is a very popular time for holidays.

sardinia weather october
Alghero Sardinia weather in October

The busy and bustling cities feature a wealth of colour and excitement, and it is easy to forget the trials and tribulations of home and enjoy a relaxing stay.

The weather in Sardinia in October, as the summer draws to a close, is still enjoyable, with temperatures similar to those experienced in May, and this time of year may suit those who are not accustomed to the higher temperatures of the mid-summer months.

Enjoy Sardinia’s Seasons

The winter months in Sardinia still appeal, and even in December you may experience highs of 15°c, although it is worth knowing that this is the time of year when rain is more prevalent.

With much to offer the visitor, this lovely island remains attractive during the winter, and there are many interesting events to enjoy around this time of year across the island.

To help you plan your visit to Sardinia and to get an idea of what the weather forecast is for the dates of your visit, we have included a weather widget that shows you a forecast over a given period.

This should enable you to decide what you need to take with you for your exciting holiday on this beautiful and friendly island. Whatever the time of year, and whatever the weather, you are sure to have a great time visiting Sardinia, the jewel in the Mediterranean’s crown.

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