sardinia beaches

Sardinia Beaches

Check out our list of the best beaches in Sardinia (family friendly as well) – split into handy geographical sections so you can browse those close to your destination – and prepare to be entranced by the beauty of this glorious island.

Surrounded by the stunning blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the wonderfully evocative island of Sardinia is famed for its friendly welcome, amazing climate, and – perhaps most of all – stunning white sand beaches that circle the island, providing some of the most relaxed locations you will find anywhere in the world.

Beaches in North east Sardinia

Sardinia is home to many quaint towns and villages, each with its own charm and historic appeal, and the villages of Baja Sardinia and Porto Rotondo sit at either end of the stunning Costa Smeralda, the Emerald Coast.

Here, you will find a selection of some of the finest of Sardinia’s great beaches, offering amazing secret coves, wonderful white sand and the ever-present clear blue waters, perfect for relaxing or enjoying yourself on the water.

Here’s our choice of the best beaches in North East Sardinia:

Spiaggia del Principe
There is no doubt that Spiaggia del Principe is one of the most beautiful of all the beaches on the Emerald Coast, yet such is the nature of each of them it is unfair to single one out as the place to go.

This wonderful white sand beach offers a superb location, surrounded on three sides by rocky outcrops that give it a very secretive and personal feel, and shallow clear blue waters make for an excellent snorkeling spot, with plenty of exotic fish making the cove their home.

sardinia beaches principe
Spiaggia del Principe – Ökologix [CC0]
Spiaggia del Principe is a family-friendly beach – be aware it is very popular in high season, especially in August, when it can become crowded – with a rocky outcrop in the middle of the beach stretching out into the water offering a great place for exploration, supervised of course!

A small and discreet bar offers a selection of cold drinks, ice cream and lunch, and the 250 metre beach is one that once visited, you’ll want to return.

Located close to the picturesque village of Cala di Volpe, Prinicipe beach sits between Romazzino and Capriccioli beaches, and is easily found by car.

From Olbia, take the SS125 following for Arzachena, and look for signs for the SP 73 to Portisco. From Portisco, head for Cala di Volpe on the SP 94, taking the SP 160 to Capriccioli and then following the signs to Romazzino, where you will see the parking for Spiaggia del Principe beach.

Bear in mind that there is a good 800m walk from the car parking area to the beach itself, along rocky paths that overlook the bay, but you will find the walk worth it when you reach one of the most spectacular of Sardinia’s many fine beaches.

Spiaggia del Principe
Located near: Cala di Volpe, North-East Sardinia
Available Facilities: beach chairs, parking, umbrellas, small bar
Family Friendly: most certainly perfect for families
Popular for: snorkelling, in clear blue waters that are suitably shallow and alive with wildlife.

The Pevero beach complex in fact includes two beaches – the Grande Pevero, and the Piccolo Pevero – both of which lie short distance from the pretty village of Porto Cervo.

Porto Cervo is a prime destination for beaches on the Costa Smeralda, and the twin beaches of Pevero are among the most popular of all.

Each of the beaches has its own attractions, with the smaller Piccolo Pevero being popular with visitors looking for a more secluded and personal experience. Just 120m in length, this quaint and very attractive beach offers the usual white sands and glorious, shallow blue waters as well as stunning views of the distant Isole di li Nibani.

sardinia beaches pevero
Pevero beach – Silvia Franceschetti [CC BY-SA (]
The Grande Pevero beach is a glorious place to be – be aware, as with all beaches in the region, that it can become busy in high season – with 300 metres of stunning sand and wonderful views looking out into Pevero Gulf, and is a wonderful place for children thanks to the shallow waters.

A walk between the two beaches may appeal to some, with 600 metres separating them, and some beautiful private gardens along the route.

To get to either of the Pevero beaches take the SP59 from Arzachena, heading towards Porto Cervo. The Pevero Gulf is some 13km from your starting point, and an easy drive.

We recommend you check out the sand dunes that back onto Grande Pevero where children will enjoy a lot of fun, and there are many bars, restaurants, hotels and shops in the immediate area for when you need a break from the beach!

Pevero beach
Located Near: Porto Cervo, Gulf of Pevero
Available Facilities: nearby car parking, beach chairs, umbrellas, beach bar
Family Friendly: shallow waters and sand dunes are perfect for children
Popular for: snorkelling, as the shallow and clear waters are ideal

The small and intimate Capriccioli beach is one of the prettiest on the Costa Smeralda without any doubt at all. Just 200 metres long and with wonderful and evocative palm trees for shade, the beach is a short drive from the famous Principe beach and while quiet at some times of the year, will certainly get busy in the popular months thanks to its ideal location near the bay of Cala di Volpe.

Superb views over the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean reach out to the remote island of Mortorio, while a huge granite rock outcrop divides the beach into two halves.

sardinia beach capriccioli
Capriccioli beach- gpatgn [CC BY-SA (]
Shallow, warm water with a barely noticeable tide makes Capriccioli a perfect choice for families with small children, and close by the beach is the added convenience of a restaurant which also includes bathroom facilities.

The water that laps the white sand beach is home to a wealth of species of fish that can be easily seen either when swimming or snorkelling – the latter pastime is highly recommended here thanks to perfect conditions – and the equally attractive La Celvia beach is an easy walk away should you wish for a change of scenery.

Parking is located close to Capriccioli – it is advised that you use the car park provided as cars parked by the roadside may be fined – and it is easily reached from Olbia, although it is a 25km drive that is well worth it. Follow for Palau on the SS 125 for 7km, then for Costa Smeralda on the SP73.

After 9km you reach the junction for San Pantaleo, where you should turn onto the SP 94 and follow for Cala di Volpe and Capriccioli. Trust us when we say you will be pleased you made the journey to this quite glorious beach.

Capriccioli beach
Located Near: Capriccioli, Olbia-Tempio
Available Facilities:Car parking close to beach, restaurant with bathroom
Family friendly: perfect for families with shallow warm waters
Popular for: snorkelling, swimming and watching the water wildlife

Spiaggia di Liscia Ruja
One of the most popular of the beaches on the Costa Smeralda, Liscia Ruja features no less than 700metres of amazing white sand, at some places being 50metres wide, which attract visitors throughout the year and particularly in the high season.

The sheer size of the beach means that if you arrive at a sensible time even at the busiest time of the year (August is peak season) you should be able to secure a good spot for the day.

Regarded as one of the very finest of the region’s beaches, Liscia Ruja faces east and offers a combination of very fine white sand and astonishingly light blue, clear waters with amazing views of the islands in the bay including Soffi and Mortorio.

On the beach you can hire both lounge beds and umbrellas for added comfort, and it is strongly advised you take sensible footwear as the sand on this large beach can get very hot.

One of the main attractions of Liscia Ruja – in addition to the many fine hotels and bars in the immediate vicinity – is the Long Beach Café, which makes a perfect destination for breakfast which is served from 8.30am (at the time for writing).

The café also serves lunch either in the restaurant or on the beach, and has a bar that stays open in evenings in high season.

Perfect for children – although they should be supervised thanks to the size of Liscia Ruja beach – and an excellent place for snorkelling, the beach can be easily reached by car from Olbia.

Head towards Arzachena on the SS 125 and then follow for Portisco on the SP 73.

Nearing Portisco, take the SP94. Pay attention here as you are looking for a sandy road that is the fourth option; this is the road to Liscia Ruja beach, and beware it is rather long and a bumpy ride, but well worth the trip to experience one of the best beaches on Sardinia.

Liscia Ruja beach
Located Near: Cala di Volpe, Olbia-Tempio
Available Facilities: Restaurant and bar, convenient parking, chair and umbrella hire
Family Friendly: very much so with excellent facilities close by
Popular For: snorkelling and children’s pastimes

Spiaggia Lu Impostu
The amazingly beautiful 1km long Lu Impostu beach is one of the most impressive in the area, being just a short distance from the equally beautiful Cala Brandinchi beach.

Both beaches boast the wonderful white sands that Sardinia is famous for, and Lu Impostu offers amazing views of the sea and local islands, as well as being backed by a pond – a favourite with children, who will find the war waters lapping the beach perfect for paddling!

Long and narrow, Lu Impostu is also known for its varied and interesting wildlife with many species of bird visiting at different times of the year, plus the clear blue waters are perfect for snorkelling, and scuba diving is also an option off the beach with plenty to enjoy in the water.

At the water’s edge, the sea remains shallow for a good distance making this ideal for families, and you can also hire kayaks at Lu Impostu and head a little way out – make sure youngsters are supervised if you choose this pursuit.

lu impostu beach
Lu Impostu beach

Lu Impostu includes a good fish restaurant on the South side of the beach, plus a handful of ice cream vendors in various spots, and parking is very convenient for the beach itself.

There are also shops and markets if you walk from the South for a little way, which are a welcome break from sun, sea and sand! Umbrellas can be rented on the beach and are recommended given the often hot sun in the summer months.

If you are approaching from Olbia – the main tourist destination in this part of Sardinia – follow the SS 125 towards Siniscola, then after around 19km, turn left for Capo Coda Cavallo.

Here, you are looking for a dirt road on the right around 900m from the turning which takes you directly to one of the most glorious beaches on the island.

Lu Impostu beach
Located near: Lu Impostu, Olbia-Tempio
Available Facilities: convenient parking, umbrella hire, restaurant, Kayak hire
Family Friendly: shallow waters perfect for children
Popular for: snorkelling, kayaking, swimming

Spiaggia La Cinta
At 3.2km long, La Cinta beach is one of the longest in the region, and offers the usual mix of amazing soft white sand and superbly clear Mediterranean waters.

It is close to the quaint town of San Teodoro – which is worth a visit while in your in the area if a typical Sardinian town is of interest – and is a very popular beach, so make sure you are aware that it will get very busy in the high season months such as August.

With wonderful views out to sea and of the promontory close by, La Cinta is a relaxing and yet spectacular beach, and as the water remains shallow for a long way out, is excellent for families with young children.

Snorkelling is popular here also, as the area is home to many species of marine life. La Cinta is popular for other pursuits such as kitesurfing – there is a school here if you wish to take lessons – plus windsurfing, horse riding and more, with its length lending it very much to such activities.

la cinta beach
“La Cinta” beach in San Teodoro

Paddle boats can be hired at the beach as can chairs and umbrellas, and of great interest to those who have a passion for wildlife is the Stagno di San Teodoro Lagoon, which lies among the dunes and is visited by many birds such as kingfishers and flamingos, making for a beautiful sight in season.

The beach is also ideal for walking and running, and there is a bar available for that cool drink when you need it!

To reach La Cinta from Olbia, take the SS 125 for 24km until you see signs for San Teodoro. Follow these and you will pass under a bridge, with the paring area for La Cinta Beach a little more than a kilometre beyond. Come early in the summer months to get a decent spot for the day.

La Cinta beach
Located Near: San Teodoro, Olbia-Tempio
Available Facilities: convenient parking, chair and umbrella hire, various activities including kite surfing and snorkelling
Family Friendly: shallow waters and activities make this a very family friendly beach
Popular for: snorkelling, kite surfing, horse riding, walking, jogging

Spiaggia di Cala Girgolu
In contrast to the lengthy La Cinta Beach which lies not far away, Cala Girgolu beach is a 250 metre long stretch of prime white sand that sits in a quite wonderful location.

Close to Porto San Paolo and San Teodoro, the beach itself is surrounded by residential areas, yet is secluded and pretty with wonderful views of the tiny Isolotto Rosso which lies out to see directly in front.

The rear of the beach features pines for shade, with the water 45 metres away in places.

A pond behind the beach is an attraction for wildlife lovers with many species of bird visiting through the seasons, while the clear waters are perfect for snorkelling, especially where the outcrop of granite rocks sits near to the right hand side close to the shore, making for the perfect hiding place for the local fish!

A gorgeous little creek can be found at the other side of the beach, and makes for an ideal and safe place for children to play.

Hiring a pedal boat is popular here as there are nearby coves to explore, and these are certainly recommended if you have time to spare, while on the beach you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas.

Like some other Sardinian beaches, the car park is some way – around 300 yards – from the beach itself, and you also need to pay a small charge.

This has the effect of making Cala Girgolu a less popular beach than some, so you can rest assured it will not be crowded, even in the popular months. It is, however, certainly worth visiting as a family friendly beach in a stunning location.

To reach Cala Girgolu from Olbia is a fair driver, but one worth the effort; take the SP 125 from Olbia towards the south, and at Vaccileddi, follow the SP 87 and SS 131 to the beach itself, and enjoy a day on one of the most secluded beaches in Sardinia.

Cala Girgolu beach
Located Near: Porto San Paolo, Oblia-Tempio
Available Facilities: Umbrellas and beach chair hire, parking 300m away
Family Friendly: lovely creek great for children, shallow waters
Popular For: snorkelling, exploring coves by pedal boat, wildlife watching, kayaking

Cala Brandinchi
There are few beaches as famous in Sardinia as the very wonderful and quite spectacular Cala Brandinchi.

Located some 7km to the north of the town of San Teodoro, Cala Brandinchi is known as Little Hawaii, thanks to the utterly amazing bright blue waters that contrast against the stunning white sands, and is a thing of beauty to observe as well as a magnificent place to visit.

Be aware that, given its fame, Cala Brandinchi does become very busy in the high season, especially in August.

Close to the very quaint village of Monte Petrosu, which is worth a visit as an unspoilt village in these parts, the beach is some 700 metres in length, and as facilities go is very well served.

A bar and restaurant makes for a great place to relax and eat – and take in a couple of drinks – after a day on the sand and the water, and with activities such as snorkelling and kayaking on hand, and the water perfect for observing the local marine life, there is plenty to enjoy at Cala Brandinchi.

Also recommended is taking out a pedal boat – available to hire – to explore the local coves.

sardinia beach cala brandinchi
Cala Branchidi – Ramon Espiña Fernand… [CC BY-SA (]
The beach is ideal for children with shallow water to a good distance out from the edge, as well as the quite splendid sand dunes which are home to beautiful lilies and pine trees providing shade, and make for a pleasant walk in the evening sun.

This is a very popular beach – we make no excuse for stressing such – and is regularly ranked among the 10 best in Italy, so it is essential you arrive early to find a good spot.

Getting to Cala Brandinchi from the main tourist destination of Olbia is easy if a touch time-consuming: by car, leave Olbia on the SS 125 heading for Siniscola – it is clearly signposted – and after around 19km follow the turn for Capo Coda Cavallo.

Around 900m down this road you should see a dirt track on the right, and the parking area for Cala Brandinchi is a further 1.3km down this lane. It is certainly worth the visit, as you will be sure to discover.

Cala Brandinchi
Located near: San Teodoro, Olbia-Tempio
Available Facilities: bar, restaurant, chair and umbrella hire, convenient parking
Family Friendly: perfect for families with shallow waters, and plenty to do
Popular For: snorkelling, kayaking, pedal boating, exploration

Beaches in North Sardinia

The glorious white sands of the beaches in North Sardinia are as spectacular as you will find anywhere in the world, and with wonderfully untouched ancient villages to visit – and much more on this welcoming and friendly island – you can enjoy a day at the beach with your family in some of the most exciting locations.

Here are some of the best beaches in northern Sardinia.

Spiaggia Rena Bianca
This absolutely beautiful beach is a wonderful place to take the family, offering the expected combination of white sands and stunning clear blue waters lapping at the shore.

The north-facing beach is some 200m long and provides excellent views of the islands in the distance, as well as the white cliffs of Corsica which can be clearly seen to the north. Notably, Rena Bianca Beach is an award winning destination certified to have clean bathing waters and excellent facilities.

A short walk to the beach takes you to the ancient and very interesting village of Santa Teresa Gallura, which is well worth a visit for a taste of old Sardinia, and on the beach you can rent loungers, umbrellas, pedal boats and canoes – we certainly recommend checking out the coves around the area if you can spare the time!

rena bianca
Rena Bianca beach in Sardinia – Credits: artq55 Flickr

A bar just beyond the beach is perfect for drinks and also serves snacks of several varieties, while the hills that surround the beach protect it from the Mistral, the wind that habitually blows here in season.

Great for children – the water remains shallow for many metres – and also offering some impressive snorkeling opportunities, this is a beach that should be on your shortlist, but be aware that it does become very busy in the high season.

Rena Bianca beach is a lengthy drive if you are staying at the main tourist destination of Olbia, involving following the SS 125 and then signs for Santa Teresa Gallura, which as a popular tourist destination is well-signposted.

The car parking area is close to the beach, or you can find a spot in the village and enjoy the walk from there.

Spiaggia Rena Bianca
Located Near – Santa Teresa Gallura, Olbia-Tempio
Available Facilities – bar and café, lounger and umbrella hire, boat hire, parking
Family Friendly – perfect for families thanks to shallow waters and wind protection
Popular For – snorkelling, boat trips, relaxing and sightseeing

Spiaggia Rena Di Ponente
The amazing beach at Rena Di Ponente – also known as La Colba locally – offers everything you would expect from a Sardinian beach, and is another that is very close to the lovely village of Santa Teresa Gallura.

The attraction of this ancient village makes this a prime tourist area, so if you want a quiet beach in high season this may not be the wisest choice. However, if you get a spot early, you will experience one of the most beautiful locations on the island.

Facing South-West, Spiaggia Rena Di Ponente offers 400m of wonderful white sand with stunning views out to sea and to the promontory of Capo Testa beyond.

The area is famous for the sand dunes that line the coast, providing welcome shelter from the Mistral, and the beach is perfect for children with shallow water extending many metres from the shore.

You can hire loungers and umbrellas at Spiaggia Rena Di Ponente – as well as a variety of boats – and you can charter a boat for a trip should you wish, which will give you the best views of the Northern Coast of Sardinia that you could imagine.

There is a bar on the beach for convenience, and in the immediate area are a number of restaurants and cafes, making this an ideal beach for a day by the sea.

From Olbia, where the majority of tourists stay, Spiaggia Rena Di Ponente is a little more than an hour’s drive north on the SS 125, then follow the signposts for Santa Teresa Gallura on the SS133.

From the village, the beach is clearly signposted with parking available close by.

Spiaggia Rena Di Ponente
Located Near – the ancient village of Santa Teresa Gallura, in Olbia-Tempio province.
Available facilities – restaurant and bar, lounger and umbrella rental, boat rental and charters.
Family Friendly – shallow waters and sand dunes are perfect for children
Popular For – snorkelling, swimming, boat trips.

Spiaggia di San Pietro
San Pietro beach is located in a perfect spot on the border of Olbia-Tempio and Sassari provinces, and lies just under 2km from the pretty village of Valledoria.

Like all Sardinian beaches, there is much to enjoy here, not least the usual white sand and blue waters that line the shore. The beach itself lies at the mouth of the river Coghinas, making this a unique location on the island.

The beach is a long one at 1300m, which lends itself nicely to many sports that are popular here. Kite surfing is a must whether you have tried it before or not, and windsurfing is also popular.

The unique nature of the beach means that this is the only place these sports can be enjoyed in one location on both sea, beach and river. In the distance you have perfect views of the beautiful nearby hills, while the local villages are certainly worth visiting.

You can rent a lounger and umbrella here and, unusually for a beach location, there are also camping facilities. This is a region that gets very popular in the high season – especially August – so we recommend you arrive early to get a good spot, although the size of the beach certainly makes it easier to settle for the day.

There is no bar or restaurant on San Pietro beach, but the nearby villages offer plenty of places to eat. This is, quite simply, a beach that provides you with spectacular and unique scenery that just has to be seen, so we recommend you make the trip.

To get to San Pietro beach by road from Olbia, for example, involves a trip across country on the SS 127 and SP 38, from which the beach is signposted. From Alghero, the trip involves heading north towards Sassari on the SS 291, then heading for Castelsardo on the SS 134, from which the beach is easily reached.

San Pietro beach
Located Near – Badesi, Olbia-Tempio
Available Facilities – lounger and umbrella hire, boat rental, sporting activities
Family Friendly – shallow waters, but a large beach so supervision is advised
Popular For – snorkelling, kite surfing, wind surfing, boating

Spiaggia di Li Cossi
If you are looking for a spectacular and intimate beach with stunning views, one enclosed all around by a high outcrop of granite rocks and with wonderful clear waters teeming with a wealth of varieties of fish, then Li Cossi is probably the beach for you.

Located a couple of kilometres from the lovely village of Costa Paradiso, the beach takes its name from the river that runs behind it, and is rated as one of the most beautiful in this part of the island.

Just 80m long and yet in some places some 70m wide, the beach stretches back to the riverbed and features calm, shallow waters at the edge of the white sands, perfect for children to get their feet wet!

Sheltered from the wind, it’s a great place to spend a day relaxing, but be aware that – as with many of Sardinia’s beautiful beach locations – it will get busy in the summer months.

li cossi
Li Cossi beach Sardinia – Carlo Pelagalli [CC BY-SA (]
The beach faces West which makes it a very popular place for sunset photographs, especially with the surrounding scenery being so spectacular, and the sheer quality of the water and the wildlife that makes this natural small bay its home means snorkelling and scuba diving are a must if you partake.

This is a safe beach for children to swim from as the water is very calm. You’ll find a bar on Li Cossi beach and can rent the usual beach furniture, while parking is convenient to the beach and just a short walk away.

It’s worth taking the scenic walk from Costa Paradiso to Li Cossi Beach to experience the local surroundings – especially the staircase that has been cut into the rocks. By car, it is best to head for the town of Badesi from either Olbia or Alghero, as both require a very scenic if hour-long or more trip.

From Badesi, follow the SP 90 north and then signs for Li Cossi, and you will find the parking area close to the beach.

Spiaggia di Li Cossi
Located Near – Costa Paradiso, Olbia-Tempio
Available Facilities – bar, lounger and umbrella hire, convenient parking
Family Friendly – small beach with calm and shallow water, perfect for children
Popular For – family days out, snorkelling, scuba diving

Beaches in East Sardinia

The eastern parts of Sardinia are as delightful as can be, offering secluded and beautiful beaches complete with the famous white sands and clear waters. Yet, there is something a bit special about this region of the island.

The East is where you will find the Supramonte mountains, complete with stunning gorges, canyons and valleys, a landscape that is quite unlike any other.

The Sardinia beaches here might take that little bit more effort to get to, but we can assure you that they are among some of the most spectacular on Sardinia, and perhaps Europe.

Here are our recommendations for the very best beaches in East Sardinia.

Cala Mariolu
If snorkelling is your chosen pastime, you need to make the journey to Cala Mariolu, wherever you may be staying on the island. It may not be the easiest beach in Sardinia to get to – in fact many visitors come here by boat – but the snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities are simply without equal, and its secluded and very beautiful nature makes Cala Mariolu the beach of choice for exploring the water.

Just north of Cala Goritze, this is an isolated beach with no accommodation in the immediate vicinity, yet that simply adds to the attraction. The main tourist destination in the region is Santa Maria Navarrese, which is a 22km drive from the beach, and there are plenty of guest houses and other options for accommodation in the town, as there are at Cala Gonone to the north.

The isolation that is part of the attraction for Cala Mariolu also means that there are no facilities available on the beach; no lounger or umbrella hire, and no bar or restaurant means you need to come prepared or face a drive to one of the nearby towns to eat.

cala mariolu sardinia
Cala Mariolu Sardinia – Carlo Pelagalli [CC BY-SA (]
However, this tiny beach – just 60m long – with its limestone rocks providing shade at the hottest parts of the day, is an experience you don’t want to miss. Popular with hikers and nature-lovers, it is perhaps not the best for children, as there is little to occupy them.

To reach Cala Mariolu from Santa Maria Navarrese take the SP 63 to the north until you meet the junction with the SS125. Here, you should head north and you will find Cala Mariolu clearly signposted, just a few kilometres along the road.

Cala Mariolu
Located Near – Baunei, Ogliastra Province
Available Facilities – none, need to travel to nearby towns for places to eat
Family Friendly – not recommended as no facilities
Popular For – the best snorkelling, scuba diving, hiking, nature lovers

Cala Goloritze
Located a short drive north of Baunei is Cala Goloritze, a quite magnificent example of an eastern Sardinian beach, and one that is certainly worth the effort it takes to get here.

Situated at the bottom of a very beautiful deep ravine – which lends the beach a quite spectacular landscape – Cala Goloritze can only be reach two ways: by hiking for an hour and half on foot, or by boat. This makes it quite exclusive, and not really an ideal beach for families with small children.

The hike to the beach is spectacular but is not an easy one, so you need to be fit and able to attempt it.

The other option involves a quite fabulous boat trip, which would be fun for children if they have the patience, from Baunei, which is a seven-hour inclusive trip that stops at various places along the way, and is the very best way to enjoy the stunning coastline and the many quaint and isolated coves that are encountered en route.

Cala Goloritze Sardinia
Cala Goloritze – delaere [CC BY (]
The wildlife here is spectacular so snorkelling is definitely a must, but be aware that there are no facilities at Cala Goloritze itself; this is why you need to take your own food and drink with you, especially if you are on foot.

Definitely one for the more adventurous traveller, Cala Goloritze is a delightful place that simply begs to be photographed, and you will be very satisfied that you made the effort to reach one of the most inaccessible beaches on Sardinia.

By car, from Baunei follow the signs to ‘Golgo’ which is the closest you can get to the beach, and is just a short drive from the town. From here, you will find the hiking trail to the beach clearly indicated. Be aware it is not an easy walk. We recommend you check out the boat trips from various points around the region.

Cala Goloritze:
Located Near – nowhere! Closest town is Baunei, and it is a long walk from the nearest parking place
Available Facilities – none
Family Friendly – no, the walk is too harsh, but a boat trip may appeal
Popular For – snorkelling, hiking, scuba diving, boat trip exploration, photography

Cala Luna
The eastern coast of Sardinia is always spectacular, yet Cala Luna beach offers you something very special indeed. First, however, you have to get there, as while the beach is not far from the villages of Dorgani and Calla Gonone, it is accessible only by foot or by boat.

Part of the appeal of Cala Luna is the exclusivity this lends the beach, but it is a 4 kilometre hike starting from Cala Fuili, with a guide recommended. For families with children, the beach is also reached by boat from Cala Gonone Marina, which is highly recommended.

The stunning limestone backdrop that shades the beach, plus the wealth of wonderful plant life that adds to the appeal, makes this a beautiful place to be, but it’s the clear, azure waters that lap against the white sand beaches that most people visit Cala Luna for.

Snorkelling and scuba diving take you to a sensational underwater world of magnificent marine life, and it is regarded as one of the best beaches on the island for those who like to explore.

cala luna
Cala Luna Sardinia – Alexander Fradellafra [CC0]
One thing you simply must do when you visit Cala Luna is take a boat to the utterly stunning Bue Marino Caves. This glorious cave system is home to stalactites and stalagmites – as well as fascinating rock carvings – and is another of the main attractions of the beach.

It really is not to be missed. Unlike many beaches in this region, Cala Luna also features a bar and restaurant so you can keep fed and watered after your long hike!

If you are driving, head to Cala Gonone and follow the hiking trails, or take a guided walking tour if you wish. Or, drive to either Cala Gonone marina or the village of Santa Maria Navarrese, from where you can book a boat trip to this most secluded of Sardinia’s wonderful beaches.

Cala Luna
Located Near – Dorgali, Nuaro Province
Available Facilities – bar and restaurant
Family Friendly – yes, if you take the boat trip
Popular For – snorkelling, scuba diving, hiking, Bue Marino Cave boat trip

Cala Fuili
Among the most accessible of the beaches in the region is the very beautiful Cala Fuili, a natural cove surrounded by limestone rocks and plentiful greenery.

Cala Fuili is easily the most family-friendly of the beaches in the region – there is a car park close by with a short walk and steps down to the beach itself – and offers some of the most spectacular views you will find anywhere on the island.

As with all Sardinia’s beaches, you get the benefit of stunning white sands and clear blue waters – perfect for snorkelling and swimming with plenty of marine life to see – and the nature of the tall rock faces that surround the beach make it very popular with climbers: have a go if you wish, but make sure you have the right equipment.

For children, the shallow waters edge is a great place to get their feet wet, and at just 100m in length this is a cosy and safe place to be.

Cala Fuili – Gianni Careddu [CC BY-SA (]
Cala Fuili offers no facilities at all but the beach offers many shaded spots thanks to the cliffs that surround it – come early as, thanks to its accessibility by car, this is one of the most popular in the area – yet the village of Cala Gonone is a short drive from the car park, and there are shops there plus places to eat.

Look out for pebbles by the waters edge, and do bring a camera as some of the scenery and views are simply amazing.

To get to Cala Fuili by car head south from Cala Gonone on the Viale Bue Marino, and don’t stop until you reach the end where you will find the parking area for Cala Fuili. Be aware it is a road rather than a car park, but parking is permitted.

The walk to the beach – and the climb down the stone staircase – will take no more than 10 minutes, and you will not regret it, we promise!

Cala Fuili
Located Near – Dorgali, Nuoro Province
Available Facilities – none, village of Cala Gonone 3km away
Family Friendly – yes, accessible by car
Popular For – snorkelling, scuba diving, rock climbing

Beaches in South East Sardinia

The beaches of South-East Sardinia are typical of the island with the wonderful clear waters making them ideal destinations for snorkelling and scuba diving.

With great facilities, these easy to access beaches are also prime family spots, and in the high season they get busy so make sure you get there early.

Within easy reach of the main tourist destination of Cagliari – the wonderful and ancient capital of Sardinia – the South East is the place to go for the ideal mix of sun, sea and sand, so here are our favourite beaches from the region.

Cala Sinzias
Occupying a wonderful space close to the quite beautiful town of Costa Rei, Cala Sinzias is a spectacular, family-friendly beach within easy reach of Cagliari and other nearby towns.

The combination of white sands, blue waters and a lovely grove of eucalyptus trees at the back of the beach makes this 1750m stretch of sand among the best of the Costa Rei beaches, and one that does get extremely busy in the high season, especially in August.

If you arrive early and find a good spot you won’t be disappointed! The facilities here are excellent, with the Beach Club Is Fradis situated at the entrance to the beach combining a restaurant and bar with activities also on offer, and if you want to take a boat out on the water – highly recommended with plenty of exploring close to hand – boat hire is also available. Make sure you also book a lounger and umbrella, as it can get very hot.

Cala Sinzias – Flickr Elena Giglia

While this is a beach that is perfect for families, the ground underneath the shallow water at the edge can be uneven, so it is advised that small children are supervised at all times.

The beach is popular with windsurfers, too, and the sea here is perfect for snorkelling, swimming and scuba diving, with plentiful marine life to look for. For a perfect family sun, sea and sand excursion, Cala Sinzias could be the idea beach.

To get to Cala Sinzias by car from Cagliari, head north out of the city on the SS 131, then after a few kilometres feed onto the SS 554. This will take you to the east where you should join the SS125 when you see signs for Castiadas.

From Castiadas, the SP98 will take you straight to the car parking area for the Cala Sinzias. If arriving from Costa Rei, the beach is just a short drive to the south and is clearly signposted.

Cala Sinzias
Located Near – Costa Rei, Cagliari Province
Available Facilities – beach club bar and restaurant, umbrella, lounger and boat hire
Family Friendly – ideal beach, supervision in water recommended for smaller children
Popular For – scuba diving, snorkelling, wind surfing, paddling in the water

Scoglio di Peppino
The quaint and secluded beach of Scoglio di Peppino is one of the most charming of the Costa Rei beaches, offering an excellent place to relax and being perfect for families with children.

This small 120m long beach is known for a large granite outcrop shaped like a whale, around which children can look for rock pools and the wildlife within, while the views of the distant headlands – complete with spectacular mountains – are wonderful to behold.

The beach itself is just from Costa Rei and is easy to reach by car.

A wooden walkway has been constructed at the entrance to the Scoglio di Peppino beach which is a great aid for those who have limited mobility, while activities that are popular here include kayaking, wind surfing and canoeing.

This is perhaps not a beach for snorkelling as there are many better in the region, but it is certainly one where hiring a pedal boat and exploring the coastline is a must!

Scoglio di Peppino – Alex10 [CC BY-SA (]
On the beach you will find that you can hire loungers and umbrellas and, if you want to have a go at a thrilling sport, you can also hire windsurfing equipment at Scoglio di Peppino. Also, there are bars and restaurants on and near the beach, so you can be fed and watered without losing your spot!

This is a popular beach in high season – and not a large one – but it is ideal for parents with children thanks to its small size, shallow waters, and excellent location.

To reach the Scoglio di Peppino from anywhere you need to head for the SP 18 towards Costa Rei. When you see a sign for Costa Rei – you will see it from either direction – follow the sign and continue until you see a sign indicating ‘Camping Capo Ferrato’.

Turn down this track and find a place to park – you can park on the road but be careful not to block any access – and the beach itself is no more than 100m walk away.

Scoglio di Peppino:
Located Near – Castiadas, Cagliari Province
Available Facilities – lounger and umbrella hire, wind surfing hire, bar and restaurant
Family Friendly – yes, supervision advised for young childrenPopular For – wind surfing, boat trips, kayaking

Spiaggia di Cala Pira
Close to the charming village of Villasimius is the wonderful Cala Pira Beach, a 500m stretch of unspoilt white sand that is very popular in high season, especially in August.

This is a perfect family beach destination that is easy to reach from the main tourist spots, and one with amazing views of the surrounding landscape, plus the islands that you can see off the coast.

The blue waters are as you would expect from a Sardinian beach, and being shallow and calm at the water’s edge are perfect for children.

For those who like to don a snorkel and go looking for the local marine life, Cala Pira Beach is absolutely perfect with a wealth of variety to search and discover, and out to see you may see sailboats moored, such is the beauty of the local landscape.

Canoeing is also popular here as the location and the calm water make it perfect, while children will find the water’s edge a great place to enjoy themselves, with supervision recommended for smaller ones, as always.

A beach bar offers drinks and a variety of snacks, you can hire loungers and umbrellas, and the car park – which requires you to pay a small fee – is very close to the beach itself and offers easy access.

In many ways, the Cala Pira Beach could be the ideal Sardinian family beach, as it has everything you want, and it is close to the nearby tourist spots with plenty of accommodation in the immediate vicinity.

If you are driving from Cagliari or another of the popular towns, you should at first head for Castiadas via the SS554 and then the SS125. From Castiadas, take the SP 19 south – then the SP 18 – and you will see Cala Pira signposted.

From Villasimius it is a twisty route north on the SP 18, and look carefully for the signs for Cala Pira after about 10km.

Spiaggia di Cala Pira:
Located Near – Villasimius, Cagliari Province
Available Facilities – bar, umbrella and lounger hire, nearby parking
Family Friendly – yes, very popular with families
Popular For – snorkelling, kayaking

Spiaggia delle Ginestra
As part of the major Costa Rei Beach, the 2 kilometre stretch the constitutes Ginestra Beach is a wonderful example of Sardinia’s beaches, and one of the most popular of all with families.

This is one reason it gets very popular in the high season – especially August – with others being easy access to it and neighbouring beaches, and fabulous views and spots to choose from. Ginestra Beach is also equipped with a dedicated car park and, to the south, a camping area.

The shallow waters that extend for some metres at the water’s edge make Ginestra Beach a perfect playground for children, but the length of beach means supervision is essential, especially when the beach is busy.

Lounger and sunbed hire is available on the beach itself, while a choice of bars and restaurants along the beach mean you are never short of a drink to cool you down or somewhere to dine or have a snack.

Snorkelling is very popular at Ginestra Beach – the clear waters are typical of Sardinia and house a variety of interesting marine life – and pedal boats can be hired too.

Beach volleyball is played along the beach, while if the weather is right the length of sand makes it perfect for windsurfing. Highly recommended for a family day at the beach, there are few more enticing spots than Ginestra Beach, and its convenience for local towns and amenities is also appealing.

Via the SS 125 and SS 554, heading from Cagliari to Castiadas, the trip by road to Ginestra Beach will take around an hour. Once you reach Castiadas, take the road heading towards Costa Rei, and you will see signs for the beach and parking.

Spiaggia delle Ginestra
Located Near – Costa Rei, Cagliari Province
Available Facilities – bars, restaurants, beach furniture hire, pedal boats
Family Friendly – certainly, supervised as it is 2km long
Popular For – boating, snorkelling, beach sports, walking, windsurfing, dining out

Beaches in South Sardinia

The beauty of Sardinia lies in a combination of its diverse coastlines, fabulous weather and warm welcome, and the beaches of South Sardinia are truly spectacular.

Here, you get spectacular views out to the Mediterranean Sea, with wonderful sand dunes providing shelter, and glorious lagoons with Flamingos providing contrasting colour.

The beautiful landscapes of the South of the island are popular for hiking, and the old towns and villages of the region are worth the trip alone. Here are our choices of the best beaches in South Sardinia.

Spiaggia di Campana Dune
The beach of Campana Dune is a spectacular one in every way – from its superb location to the gloriously azure blue waters and soft white sand underfoot – and offers access to 400m of unspoilt beach that is part of longer complex of beaches.

Close to the charming village of Setti Ballas, an unspoilt and ancient Sardinian hamlet, the beach is in a superb spot backed by high sand dunes and a rocky outcrop, so you can easily find a spot where you will be sheltered from the famous Mistral and Scirocco winds.

Campana Dune – Matteplus [CC BY-SA (]
The South-Eastern facing aspect of the Campana Dune beach lends it some wonderful views of the islands out to sea, and also means that children can paddle on the shoreline in the amazing waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

This is a superb beach for children, with the dunes offering a playground too, and one that is well-served by sun-lounger and umbrella hire, convenient close parking facilities, and also a bar and restaurant on the beach.

Snorkelling is certainly an option at Campana Dune as the waters are a hive of activity and amazingly clear, while the beach is also popular for a range of sports including beach tennis, windsurfing, kayaking and paddle boating – take the opportunity to hire a boat and explore the coastline from a different perspective, it is certainly worth the trip!

Getting to Campana Dune by road is not difficult; from Chia (which you can reach from other major tourist destinations via the SS 195 and SP 71) it is a drive of less than 4km, follow for Setti Ballas, and from there you can find a track that leads you directly to Campana Dune beach, and the parking area provided.

Spiaggia di Campana Dune
Located Near – Chia, Cagliari Province
Available Facilities – bar and restaurant, beach furniture hire, pedal boat hire
Family Friendly – definitely, be aware that it can be 80m wide
Popular For – snorkelling, beach sports, wind surfing, hiking

Spiaggia di Porto Pino
If a vast expanse of amazing white sand, clear blue waters and wonderful dunes – plus a paradise-like lagoon with pink flamingos – is your idea of the perfect beach, then Porto Pino Beach is one for your shortlist.

This 4km long stretch of beach is considered one of the finest in the Southern region, and you will see why when you choose a spot and settle back for a gloriously relaxed, family-friendly day in one of the most spectacular spots on Sardinia.

Out to sea you get a fantastic view of the Isola la Vacca, while the shallow waters at the edge extend for some metres making them perfect for children to play in – supervision is advised as the beach is very large, and does get very busy in the summer months.

porto pino
Porto Pino Beach – Roberto Ferrari from Campogalliano (Modena), Italy [CC BY-SA (]
A walk along the shoreline is a popular pastime here, plus scuba diving and snorkelling are advised thanks to the clear water and abundant marine life. Also popular are surfing and wind surfing, and if hiking is your thing, this is the part of Sardinia you want to be in.

We recommend you take a walk around the amazing ponds where you may see stunning pink flamingos and plenty of other birds enjoying the perfect setting, and if you want a drink to cool down, there are a number of bars as well as bathroom facilities along the beach.

flamingos in porto pino beach sardinia
Flamingos in Porto Pino beach Sardinia – Claribo [CC BY-SA (]
Hire a lounger and umbrella and pick your spot, and you will enjoy one of the most perfect beaches on the island.

The car park for Porto Pino Beach is a five minute walk from the beach itself, and is easily reached from local and more distant tourist destinations. From Cagliari, the capital and a wonderful place to stay, take the SS 293 until you reach the SP 2, where you should stay until you reach the SS 130. When you meet the SS 131dir head for Via Monte Claro, and from there, you can find signs towards the beach itself.

From Chia, head west on the SS 195 to Santa’Anna Arresi, from where you follow for Porto Pinetto.

Spiaggia di Porto Pino
Located Near – Sant’Anna Arresi, Carbonia-Iglesias Province
Available Facilities – all you can need, bars, restaurants, furniture hire, parking
Family Friendly – among the best, but long and wide
Popular For – scuba diving, hiking, birdwatching, beach sports, water sports

Spiaggia di Chia sa Colonia
It is difficult to choose between the beaches on the south of the island, as each is spectacular and has its own charm, yet Chia beach is regularly mentioned as being one of the very best.

750m long and with warm, calm shallow waters that are simply perfect for children – plus amazing dunes with juniper trees – Chia beach is as relaxing and tranquil as it gets, but be aware that in the high season – especially August – it can get very busy, so arrive early to secure a secluded and sheltered spot.

Of interest to visitors is the Torre di Chia, a local landmark that is a watchtower on top of a high promontory, from which the views of the surrounding area are simply sensational. Also take the time to visit the lagoon behind the beach, which is a flamingo breeding ground, and if you’re lucky, you may see dolphins playing out to sea!

chia beach
Chia Beach in Sardinia – gian luca bucci [CC BY (]
This is a beach that is famed for its beach sports – the Chia Classic, a kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing event that attracts top performers in each sport, is held here every summer – and the sea is perfect for snorkelling, scuba diving and kayaking, with plenty to see.

Facilities on Chia Beach include beach chair and umbrella hire but there is no bar or restaurant on the beach itself. Plenty can be found in the local town of Domus du Maria, which is a charming place to visit. Parking is close to the beach with a short walk to the sand, and the surrounding area offers plenty of opportunities for hiking and exploring.

To get to Chia Beach from Cagliari is a simple drive of around 50km, but it is well worth it. Head for Chia on the SS195, and when you reach Chia look for the Viale del Porto, and follow the signs indicating the camping area. Parking for the beach is easy to find from here.

Spiaggia di Chia sa Colonia
Located Near – Domus du Maria, Cagliari Province
Available Facilities – beach furniture hire, parking, bars and restaurants in nearby towns
Family Friendly – one of the best in Sardinia for families
Popular For – wind and kite surfing, surfing, kayaking, snorkelling

Spiaggia del Poetto di Cagliari
The capital of Sardinia, Cagliari, is an historic and charming town that makes for a perfect place to use as a base when exploring the island.

If you are a beach lover, things get even better as the main beach of Cagliari is Poetto Beach, and with 8000m of stunning sands, superb facilities and the perfect location, you really could not wish for a more amazing slice of Sardinia.

The only downside to Poetto Beach is that, given its location and outstanding beauty, it does get very busy in tourist high season – mainly August – but there is so much of it you are sure to find a spot!

The beach faces to the South-East and affords quite stunning views out to the Golfo du Quartu, as well as inland views to the rolling hills of Sella del Diavalo. This makes for a spectacular vista all-round, and if you are into photography, there are plenty of opportunities here.

Poetto Beach – Flickr Daniela trinks87

The wind plays a part here – you’ll need to find a sheltered spot to enjoy Poetto Beach to the full – and wind and kite surfing, as well as surfing itself, are very popular on the beach.

Behind the beach you will find a pair of ponds where you may see pink flamingos and other local wildlife, but it is perhaps the facilities of the beach that make it among the most family-friendly.

This is not a tranquil cove in a remote location, it is a full-on sun, sea and sand seaside experience, where you can choose to find a sheltered place and enjoy the sun while the children paddle in the shallow waters, enjoy a range of water and beach sports at your leisure, or visit one of the many bars and restaurants, and even discos and a fair, all of which adds up to hours of family fun.

The other great thing about Poetto Beach is that, if you happen to be staying in Cagliari, it’s just a 20 minute bus ride from the town centre. There’s no need to take your car, just hop on the bus and you’re there! It’s also loved by locals, who come here to ride bikes, walk and simply enjoy the facilities on offer.

Spiaggia del Poetto di Cagliari
Located Near – Cagliari, 20 minute bus ride from Town Centre
Available Facilities – bars, restaurants, disco, marina, fairground
Family Friendly – the best in the South, perhaps on the entire island for kids
Popular For – family seaside fun, surfing of all kinds, water sports, bars

Beaches in South West Sardinia

There are many contrasts between the beaches of the different regions of Sardinia, yet there is no doubt that all are supremely beautiful and many quite spectacular.

If you are looking for secluded, unspoilt and naturally beautiful stretches of soft warm sand, with amazing clear blue water at the edge of the beach, look to the Costa Verde, to the South West of the island.

These are among the most wonderful of Sardinia’s many fine beaches, so here are a couple that we recommend.

Spiaggia di Portixeddu
Recognised as one of the finest beaches in the region is Portixeddu Beach, a wonderful stretch of white sand bordered variously by pine forests and sand dunes, and offering plenty of opportunity to find prime spot along its 2.5km length.

The village of Portixeddu is close to the beach and is worth a visit, being located at the foot of a small cliff and with stunning views over the nearby hillside and the beach and sea, and the west-facing nature of the beach makes it perfect for sunset photography.

The famous Mistral wind blows here in season, and the trees and dunes should provide shelter for you during your visit, which means that Portixeddu is one of the prime windsurfing and surfing beaches on the island, and the clear waters that lap at the shore are shallow for some way out, so children will be perfectly happy playing here.

portixeddu beach
Portixeddu beach

One aspect of Portixeddu Beach that is appealing is that it’s length means there is never anything close to overcrowding, even in the very busiest of the summer months.

The beach itself is home to a choice of bars and restaurants, and you can hire a beach chair and umbrella and find your perfect spot for the day. Parking is also convenient to the beach with just a short walk from car to sand.

If you want to see the local marine life at its best, Portixeddu is hard to beat for scuba diving in the region, while kayaking is also a popular pastime for visitors. Also, take the time to explore the local area, as some of the ancient villages here are quite unique.

If you are driving to Portixeddu from Cagliari expect the journey to take around 1.5 hours, following the E25 and the SS126 across country.

Many visitors to the beach stay at Portixeddu itself, or one of the nearby towns, such as the charming Fluminimaggiore, from which the Portixeddu beach is just a few kilometres drive.

Spiaggia di Portixeddu
Located Near – Portixeddu, Carbonia-Iglesias province
Available Facilities – bars, restaurants, beach lounger and umbrella hire, parking
Family Friend – very much, but be aware it is 2.5km long
Popular For – surfing, wind surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, walking and hiking

Cala Domestica
There is no doubt at all that Cala Domestica is one of the finest beaches in this part of Sardinia, if not the entire island.

A secluded beach of just 60m in length, completely surrounded by sand dunes and limestone cliffs, this is the beach you imagine when you are looking for what is often described as a ‘hidden gem’.

It’s a natural wonder with its utterly stunning bright blue water, and a place where you can find plenty of interesting features in a surprisingly small space.

Once a mining area, there are many old buildings left to explore, as well as the interesting Torre di Cala Domestica, an old tower that sits on a high spot overlooking the beach.

cala domestica beach
Cala Domestica beach in Sardinia – Young Skywalker [CC BY-SA (]
This is worth the trek to see, as the views from the base of the tower are simply unbeatable. To the right of the beach is a second, smaller cove that is worth exploring – it’s like finding your own secret place when you get there – and the beach is very popular with scuba divers and snorkellers who enjoy the plentiful marine life that is to be seen around the bay.

Despite the short length of the beach, it can be as far as 250m to the water’s edge at some points, so it is recommended that you bring sensible footwear and that while the water is perfect for small children, they should be observed at all times.

The surrounding dunes are lush with local vegetation, and although a diminutive beach, there is a bar here to keep you refreshed, you can hire umbrellas and sun loungers, and parking is convenient to the beach. Be aware that as it is so small as well as popular, Cala Domestica can get very busy, so it is worth arriving early to get a good spot at this must-see destination.

Getting to Cala Domestica from Cagliari is a 1.5 hour drive across country, taking the SS 130 and SS126, and many people stay nearby for ease of access to the beaches and attractions of the region. Locally, take the SP 83 towards the charming village of Buggerru, and you will see signs for the beach itself.

Cala Domestica
Located Near – Buggerru, Carbonia-Iglesias Province
Available Facilities – bar, beach furniture hire, convenient parking
Family Friendly – yes, a very small and wide beach
Popular For – scuba diving, snorkelling, pedal boating, hiking

Beaches in West Sardinia

The western side of the beautiful island of Sardinia is the least developed, and the beaches here remain untouched and entirely natural. Stunning hidden coves abound, amazing old villages are to be found along the way, and there is plenty of Old Sardinia to be found here.

Less of a tourist trap than some parts of the island, this is the region to head to if you want a relaxing break, or even a romantic holiday, in a place that remains completely unspoilt.

Here are some of the finest beaches on the West coast.

Spiaggia S’Archittu
Famous for its spectacular and unique rock arch – one of the largest natural bridges on the island – is S’Archittu Beach, which lies just a few hundred metres from the quaint village of the same name.

The arch itself makes the visit worthwhile, especially at night when the light of the nearby lighthouse illuminates the arch, resulting in a quite amazing and romantic view that is not repeated anywhere else on Sardinia.

The west-facing beach is some 300m long and takes its name from the arch, with the beach itself surrounded by limestone cliffs that provide plenty of shelter.

Here, you get the usual clear blue waters that prevail around Sardinia, but be aware that the ground under the shallow water’s edge can be rocky, as can many parts of the beach itself, so make sure you have suitable footwear and that your children do too.

s' archittu beach sardinia

As far as exploring goes, few locations in Sardinia offer as much scope as S’Archittu with its wonderful surrounding scenery and other local coves to explore, while if you want to relax and take in the weather, you can have a cooling drink from the beach bar or a meal at the on-site restaurant, which is wonderful in the evening when the darkness falls.

Few places in Sardinia match this place for sheer spectacle – snorkelling and kayaking are also recommended – and being in the less popular West, you won’t get overcrowded.

Most visitors to S’Archittu Beach come from the direction of the wonderful town of Oristano – a wonderful place to stay if visiting this region of the island – and it is easily reached via the SS 292 heading north, which takes you practically to the beach itself in a straight 26km drive.

Spiaggia S’Archittu
Located Near – S’Archittu, Oristano Province
Available Facilities – bar and restaurant, amazing natural rock arch
Family Friendly – yes, although be aware of rocks
Popular For – romantic walks at night, scuba and snorkelling, exploring, walking

Spiaggia di Putzu Idu
The wonderful Putzu Idu Beach is just a short distance from the village from which it takes its name, and only 20km from the nearest large town of Oristano, a popular tourist destination for visitors to this part of the island.

With 1200m of wonderful white sand for you to enjoy there will always be a space for the family here even in August, when visitors are most plentiful, and the local villages are also worth visiting for a taste of unspoilt Sardinia.

The beach is a favourite with families thanks to the fine sands and shallow clear waters at the edge.

putzu idu
Putzu Idu beach – Andrea Perino [CC BY (]
Surrounded by salt pans, Putzu Idu is a haven for pink flamingos which simply have to be seen in these surroundings where their sheer beauty stands out, and there are many opportunities for fine photographs in what is a very scenic location.

It’s also a destination for surfers and windsurfers, the weather and water conditions – and large expanse of sand – making it ideal for such sports. Scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing are also popular pastimes at Putzu Idu, with plenty of resident marine life to explore in perfectly clear water.

A popular excursion from Putzu Idu is the boat trip to Mal di Ventre, a fascinating private island famed for its Roman ruins and an attempt to become its own nation not long ago, while you can rent a pedal boat to explore the coastline yourself, or simply relax on the beach with a drink from one of the many bars.

There are good restaurants on Putzu Idu beach too, so dining out is certainly an option, and the car parking is convenient for the beach.

If you are coming to Putzu Idu from Oristano, head for Riola Sardo on the SS 56, then from there take the SS 292 for a couple of kilometres when you will see signs for Putzu Idu. Follow those, and you arrive at the beach in 11km.

Note that there are good hotels and guest houses in the vicinity of Putzu Idu, so if this is your chosen destination it’s worth having a look at what is available nearby.

Spiaggia di Putzu Idu
Located Near – Putzu Idu, Oristano Province
Available Facilities – bars, restaurants, convenient parking, beach furniture hire
Family Friendly – a perfect beach for children
Popular For – windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing, snorkelling, exploring, walking

Beaches in North West Sardinia

The north-west of Sardinia is home to some of the very best beaches on the island, with many featuring regularly in ‘top 5’ listings.

Visitors to this region come for the delights of the city of Alghero, a wonderfully preserved medieval city with many fine buildings and a famous cobbled Old Centre, and – perhaps most importantly – a nearby international airport that sees many thousands of tourists pass through each year.

With the trademark white sand and clear, blue waters being a feature of all the beaches in the region there is much more to be enjoyed in an area rich in history, so let’s have a look at some of the best beaches in the North West of Sardinia.

Spiaggia La Pelosa
There are many who will tell you – both local and tourists – that La Pelosa Beach is not just one of the best on Sardinia, but also among the very best in Europe. Pay a visit to this simply stunning 300m long expanse of clean, soft white sand – complete with the vivid blue waters that are simply unequalled – and you will see many reasons why.

Up to 60m wide in some places, the beach is a truly magnificent example of a typical Sardinian beauty spot, with amazing views and its own accompanying watchtower – the Torra della Pelosa – which was once used to defend the area, and now stands proud as a relic of Old Sardinia.

la pelosa stintino beach sardinia
La Pelosa Beach in Sardinia

Children will love the soft sand and the warm, shallow waters – as will adults who like to go scuba diving or snorkelling, this being a very popular diving destination with two schools in the vicinity – plus surfing and windsurfing are also popular here, as is kayaking and also walking.

The surrounding area is simply superb for exploring, and you will find that while it does get very busy in the prime summer months, if you get here early you will find a good spot to settle for the day.

Facilities include surfboard and canoe hire, you can rent a beach chair and umbrella on the beach, and if you are seriously into exploring the marine life, there are diving excursions available close to the beach.

On La Pelosa Beach you will also find a restaurant for your food and drink needs, and parking is very convenient to the beach itself. Quite simply, you must see La Pelosa Beach, as its the nearest you will get to a Caribbean idyll in Europe.

From the summer 2020 there is a fee to pay (3,50€) to enter this beach; moreover, the entrance is limited to 1500 people.

From Alghero take the SP 42 north until you meet the intersection with the SP 57 to Pozzo san Nicola, from where you should follow the SP 34 towards Stintino, and then the main roads towards La Pelosa Beach, The journey should be around one hour in total.

Spiaggia La Pelosa
Located Near – Stintino, Sassari Province
Available Facilities – bar, restaurant, lounger and boat hire, diving schools
Family Friendly – yes, very much so
Popular For – scuba diving, kayaking, swimming, windsurfing, snorkelling

Spiaggia Delle Bombarde
Another of the more popular and spectacular beaches in the region is Bombarde Beach, which consists of 500m of the usual glorious golden sand, with the crystal clear waters that typify the region.

This is one of the beaches on a stretch known as the ‘Coral Riviera’ and when you see the beach ahead of you it certainly lives up to the name. With a variety of dense forests and amazing rock formations as a backdrop, there is little closer to a picture postcard Sardinian beach than the magnificence of Bombarde Beach.

Bombarde Beach has the distinction of being split into two halves, one of which is a private beach operated by the adjacent Hotel del Pini, and the remainder being a public access beach.

It is this part of the beach that most visitors experience, and it should be said the shallow waters at the edge of the beach are simply perfect for children to play in, and there are plenty of sheltered spots for when the weather gets too hot.

Arrive early in the prime months – August is usually the busiest – and remember to book sun loungers and umbrellas from the rental points on the beach.

As with most beaches in Sardinia, snorkelling is a recommended pastime given the combination of perfect clear water and abundant local marine life, while the beach is also popular with windsurfers and taking a kayak out on the water is a great way of getting a different view of the spectacular landscape.

You can find plenty bars and restaurants along the beach, so you are never short of somewhere to get a refreshing drink or enjoy a snack or meal.

Getting to Bombarde Beach by car is simple; from Alghero simply follow the SS 127bis all the way until you see the signs for Bombarde Beach, and it will be a journey of around 40 minutes. If approaching from Sassari, take the SP 291 towards Alghero until you reach the SP 42, still heading for Alghero.

When you see the SS 127bis take that turning, and you will soon see directions to the beach.

Spiaggia Delle Bombarde
Located Near – Fertilia, Sassari Province
Available Facilities – bars, restaurants, furniture hire, kayak hire, convenient parking
Family Friendly – one of the best in the region for children
Popular For – snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, windsurfing, kayaking

Spiaggia della Speranza
Just 8km from the beautiful old city of Alghero, a place that is worth a visit if you are not staying there, is the wonderful Speranza Beach. If you are looking for one of the quietest beaches in the Alghero region – as well as one of the best of all – then this is it, and it is something of a well-kept secret with repeat visitors.

Featuring stunning golden sands and the usual clear, blue crystal waters that are typical of this part of the island, Speranza Beach has plenty offer across its 550 stretch.

This is a very narrow beach that features a mix of soft sand and rocky sections – so if you and the children are going exploring, be sure to take the right footwear – and it is perfect for children to enjoy at their own will as the water is calm, warm and shallow for some distance at the edge.

speranza beach
La Speranza Beach – Mikisbd [CC BY-SA (]
Look out for parts that have pebbles underfoot, as they can make walking difficult, but all in all it’s a wonderful family-friendly beach in an ideal location.

Speranza Beach is very popular with surfers and windsurfers when the weather is right, and despite its close proximity to the major tourist destination of Alghero, never gets quite as busy as some other beaches in the region. This means there will always be a spot for you, no matter the time of year.

Hire loungers and umbrellas on the beach for added comfort, enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving to view the local marine life, or take a meal at the very fine ‘La Speranza’ restaurant, where freshly caught fish is a speciality for lunch. There are also bars on the beach where you can get a cool drink.

Getting to Speranza Beach by car could not be easier. From Alghero, head south on the AP 105 where you will soon see signs for the beach itself – it’s only a 10km drive. From anywhere else, take the shortest route to the SP 105 and follow for Speranza from then.

Spiaggia della Speranza
Located Near – Alghero, Sassari Province
Available Facilities – furniture hire, restaurants, bars, convenient parking
Family Friendly – ideal for families, but beware rocky patches
Popular For – snorkelling, scuba diving, wind surfing, surfing, walking

Spiaggia di Maria Pia
A short drive to the north of Alghero is the spectacular Maria Pia Beach, widely regarded as one of the very finest in region. At 1200m long there is plenty of space here even in the busier months, and the views out to Alghero Bay and the islands within are simply stunning.

Behind the beach you will find the dunes and wonderful pine forest are perfect for providing some shade in the hottest weather, and the shallow, calm water at the edge of the beach is popular for walking along, and absolutely ideal if you have children with you.

This is a beach surrounded by spectacular landscapes that is well worth taking photographs of, and the area is also popular with hikers keen to visit the wonderful local villages and towns.

Maria Pia beach Alghero – Mikisbd [CC BY-SA (]
The region is a tourist one thanks to the proximity to Alghero, so in the summer months this beach will become more crowded than some, but is long enough to accommodate plenty of visitors at a time.

Sun loungers and umbrellas are for rent on the beach, and you will find many bars and restaurants along then beach for when you need a drink or something to eat.

While snorkelling and scuba diving are popular in the locality, Maria Pia beach is perhaps not the best place to enjoy these pastimes, but adjoining beaches offer more scope for diving.

However, if you simply want to walk or jog on a beach, or lie back and enjoy the weather with a cold drink while the children play on the water’s edge, it is a perfect choice when staying in Alghero, and undeniably beautiful too. An important point to mention is that there is wheelchair access to Maria Pia Beach.

Getting to the beach from Alghero is a simple case of following for the Lido to the north-west of the city, then heading towards the village of Fertilia where you will find the parking area for the beach. A short walk through the pine forests – there are wooden boards – takes you to the beach itself.

Spiaggia di Maria Pia
Located Near – Alghero, Sassari Province
Available Facilities – bars, restaurants, beach furniture hire, wheelchair access
Family Friendly – very much, one of the best
Popular For – family beach days, walking, jogging, snorkelling locally

Map of the Best Beaches in Sardinia

You can browse all the Sardinian beaches we’ve covered so far in this Sardinian map or just by following this link

sardinian beaches

Some Fun Facts About Beaches in Sardinia

• The natural bridge at Spiaggia S’Archittu is a wonder of the island, and at 15m tall makes a fine spot to dive from – but be careful!
• The San Teodoro beach of Cala Brandinchi has earned the nickname ‘Little Tahiti’ as it resembles and exotic Tahitian beach in every way.
• The Costa Smeralda was created by the Aga Khan for family and friends in 1962, and remains a popular tourist attraction today. It includes Principe beach, his favourite on the island and one of the most famous of Sardinia’s beaches.
• Cala Greca is the smallest beach on the island at just 15m long!
• There are a number of award winning Blue Flag beaches on the island with 7 in the Gallura region to the North-East.
• With 2 kilometres at points between the water and the mainland, Piscinas Beach – near Guspini in the South West – is the widest in Sardinia.
• More than 20 beaches on Sardinia are more than 2km in length
• More than 40 measure less than 200m.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to the best beaches in Sardinia, and that you enjoy your next visit to this wonderful and welcoming island.

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