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Waterfalls in Sardinia

In Sardinia there are many evocative and beautiful waterfalls. Let’s take a look at the best 10 Sardinia waterfalls.

  1. Sa Stiddiosa waterfall
  2. Su Stampu de su Turrunu
  3. Capo Nieddu waterfall
  4. Triulintas waterfall
  5. Is Corropus waterfall
  6. Rio Pitrisconi waterfall
  7. Muru Mannu waterfall
  8. Lequarci waterfall
  9. Mularza Noa waterfall
  10. Sadali waterfall

Sa Stiddiosa waterfall
Between Seulo and Gadoni – River Flumendosa, Gadoni
Sa Stiddiosa is a natural cascade along the river Flumendosa between Seulo and Gadoni.
It has been described by tourists as a corner of paradise, a miracle of nature and an enchantment.

The name Stiddiosa literally means “dripping” (from stiddius, the effect of falling water droplets).
The thick drizzle falls from a spring and fills a pool of emerald green water where you can take a swim. There’s an entrance fee to pay (7EUR).

It is advisable that you reach this waterfall using a jeep or a land rover as the trail is a 5-miles off-road; nevertheless, you have to park the car and walk on the last part of the way (half an hour walk, trekking equipment recommended).

The trail is a bit rough and not advisable to old people; if you prefer to walk, it will take you two hours to reach this waterfall and three hours and a half to come back to the parking area.

Su Stampu de su Turrunu
Located on the border between Seulo and Sadali in the green nature of the forest of Addolì,

Su Stampu de su Turrunu is a small natural wonder which is at the same time a cave and a resurgence with a lake and a waterfall.
For sure it is one of the best Sardinia waterfalls.

Basically this place is a tunnel, created between the rocks by water erosion, which flows into a small cave where the Su Longufresu stream flows, generating a 16 meter jump and a pool.

Beware when using Google Maps to get there, because it will take you to the other side where there is no access.

The right access is well marked by clearly visible wooden tourist signs along the main road between Seulo and Sadali.

If you go downhill quickly you need about a 45-minute-walk. There is a circular hiking trail as well but it is longer. The point of departure is behind the “biglietteria” for the “Grottas Is Janas” (caves Is Janas), and there are also some good picnic spots.

sardinia waterfall Su Stampu

The trip to this cascade involves a walk with stunning views of a valley in the middle of an oak forest.

The path is quite easy, you don’t need to have a specific training (you just need to be good walker); good sneakers are enough as gear and you can enjoy beautiful views of the valley into which the river flows.

A nice walk in this valley is worth taking, maybe exploring the other marked trails too.

A caution: if children are present, beware of the somewhat rough points, but secured by special railings.

Capo Nieddu waterfall
Santa Caterina di Pittinuri
Located in Cuglieri, it can be reached after a 9 km route, ideal for trekking enthusiasts. This waterfall is formed by the stream “Rio Salighes” taking a 40-meter dip into the sea.

This cascade is maybe the only Italian waterfall with direct access to the sea. It is suggested to visit the waterfall during the spring/autumn/winter season.

There are no road signals to the waterfall; you have to use Google Maps with the “walk” option; trekking outfit recommended.

Triulintas waterfall
The Triulintas waterfall is located near the village of Martis at the confluence of the Rio Pontisella into the Rio Masino.

This cascade is fifteen meters tall and forms a small natural lake.
The ruins of an old mill are visible near the waterfall.

During the rainy season it is definitely more interesting to visit. You can reach this waterfall by car via a small country road.

Is Corropus waterfall
Mount Trempu, Gergei
The unfarmed territory of Gergei is naturally quite stunning, particularly at the foot of Mount Trempu where you can find whirls and swirls, rivers and tiny waterfalls and natural pools of water surrounded by wild oleanders.

You can reach the waterfall from the Gergei village in about one hour walking.

Rio Pitrisconi waterfall
San Teodoro Province of Olbia-Tempio
The Rio Pitrisconi is the main river of the Mount Nieddu. In this mountainous environment, full of rocky peaks and rugged ridges, the waterway crosses a canyon generating waterfalls, natural pools and water slides.

Muru Mannu waterfall
Villacidro, Sardinia, Italy
The Murru Mannu waterfall takes his name after the namesake river that flows through the municipalities of San Teodoro and Padru and like all Sardinian waterfalls is at its best during the autumn-spring period. It can be reached after a trekking route of about two hours.

It is possible to leave the car at the beginning of the route; after about a kilometer there’s a crossroad with directions to go either to Muru Mannu or to the Piscina Irgas waterfall.

Lequarci waterfall
Santa Barbara, Ulassai
The Lequarci and Lecorci falls (considered the most impressive waterfalls on the island) are situated seven kilometers from the Ulassai village, in the locality of Santa Barbara, in the proximity of a monumental forest.

This is a region abundant in deep waters: from the elevations of the limestone of gushing springs and streams which are the sources of evocative waterfalls during flood times.

The waters of rivers descend with several rivulets from a limestone amphitheater-like cliff to making a jump of about 100 meters before overflowing into a multitude of small lakes.

Sadali waterfall
Via Carducci, Sadali
This is a lovely little waterfall located in the middle of the village of Sadali (a village situated in the central-eastern part of Sardinia).

The village is the only example of rapids in Sardinia within a residential neighborhood.

This beautiful waterfall known also as the waterfall of San Valentino was named after the nearby ancient church.

The waterfall created by perennial springs was used to activate the surrounding mills; nowadays, you can still visit the old mill near the waterfall.

Flickr @Ago48

Mularza Noa waterfall
Sp 17 | Parco Pabude, Bolotana
Located between the Ortachis forest and the Pabude park the Mularza Noa waterfall can be reached by car or by walking along the stream, starting from the parking of the Ortachis Forest. The route is almost all flat, so it is recommended for all.

This 18-meter fall is fed by the Riu Biralotta river which has its source near the Ortachis plateau. The stream flows over a plateau of volcanic origin.

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