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Cheap car hire deals In Oristano

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The town of Oristano

oristanoThe pretty and historically fascinating city of Oristano is the capital of the Province of Oristano on the wonderful island of Sardinia.

Home to a population of around 32,000 people, this friendly and welcoming city has many fine shops, restaurants, bars and attractions of historical interest, and is situated on the Western coast of the island.

Oristano has a rich cultural history that makes it one of the more interesting cities in Sardinia. It has been an important place on the island for 1000 years, and much of the interest lies in the changing culture of the people who lived here.

Important buildings include The Tower of St Christophoros, which originally sat among the original city walls. Built in 1290, it stands 19 metres tall and is a splendid example of the architecture of the era.

St Mary’s Cathedral features remaining parts that date from 1130, and is a fascinating building, while various other churches chart the history of the city across the years.

The city is also famous for the Sa Sartiglia, an equestrian tournament dating back 500 years and held on Carnival Sunday and Mardi Gras each year. A beautiful and largely unspoilt city that is certainly worthy of attention, Oristano is a popular tourist destination and a great example of Sardinian life.