Travel insurance Italy

Whether for business or pleasure, make sure your trip will have the necessary conditions. Having an insurance, for example, can be very useful. Online, just in a few minutes you can get your policy for a small price! Ready, steady, GO! Yes, you are now ready to go, everything you need is properly packed, most of the stuff is already in the car, you only have to gas up the car and then off to your awaited holiday in Italy!

Everything you should know about travel insurance

But aren’t you missing something? Maybe you forgot that when you are away from home on holiday to visit places you do not know (especially when abroad) some unexpected events can occur and cost you an exorbitant price if you do not have a travel insurance. Maybe it’s summer and the big "heat" made you forget about the travel insurance! But there is no problem because you can find a solution in 15 minutes! Yes, today you can find many online insurance companies specialized in short-term insurance policies, just studied and formulated for this kind of need.

Travel insurance ItalyThe travel insurance allows you to leave safely, without worrying about the costs in the occurrence of unpleasant incidents such as lost luggage, a health problem or the sudden cancellation of the trip. World Nomads, our trusted travel insurance provider, has selected for you the best travel insurances so you can choose the one that suits your needs and thus avoid compromising the serenity of the trip you planned. Many are the benefits of having a travel insurance if you go to Italy. With a small investment, you can ensure your holidays or your business trip easy and fast, directly online.

The following are just some of the advantage of a travel insurance:

  • Medical insurance: if you are in Italy on holiday and get involved in an accident with a travel insurance you can have your medical expenses covered, including those for an hospital stay.
  • Contents insurance: especially in some urban area of Italy thieves are quite common and your travel insurance can covers all your things and accessories, even the most expensive ones like a mobile phone or a camera. Why leave them at home?
  • Sporting injuries: even the fittest person on earth can fall. In Sardinia some very beautiful hiking trails deserved to be visited but you cannot miss them just for the fear of getting hurt. A travel insurance can also cover these costs.
  • Damages to people and things: maybe skiing or playing football you might also cause harm to others or break objects. In these cases who would pay if you did not have insurance?
  • Delay and cancellation: waiting hours in the airport is not exactly the way you had imagined your holiday. Well, at least your travel insurance can cover the cancellation costs of your vacation.
  • In short, spending a few hundred euro for a travel insurance should not be seen as throwing away money, but rather as an investment to protect yourself, your loved ones and your holiday or your business trip. Have a good trip!