Car rental Baia Sardinia, Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo near Olbia.

car rental near olbiaIf you are looking for a way to move around Olbia, saving money, car rental Olbia airport will be offered at very cheap rates. With a rented car you will be free to travel comfortably and safely during your holidays or your business trips.

Choosing a car in Olbia means being independent and it is the best solution for any kind of trip in the east part of the island. Moreover, you can rent a car also in these places located in the province of Olbia: Baia Sardinia, Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo.

How do I get to Olbia from the airport?

As we have already mentioned hiring a car at the Olbia airport Costa Smeralda is easy, especially if you take advantage of our excellent comparison and online hire service – plus our special deals – and the town of Olbia is just a short drive of no more than ten minutes from the airport, heading north on the SP24 directly from the airport. For visiting the “Emerald Coast” Olbia is the perfect place to use as a base.

How far is Olbia from Porto Cervo?

Olbia is 28,9 km far from Porto Cervo (33 mins approximately with a car). Reach Porto Cervo driving through the SP94 and SP73.

About our service

Our service compares all prices from the top car hire companies operating at the Olbia airport and its most popular touristic villages like Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, allowing you to ensure you get the right vehicle at the best price.

Our service also offers many more benefits that can help make your car hire in Olbia as enjoyable and cost-effective as possible: we offer a range of all-inclusive and low cost deals to suit all budgets so that you know exactly what you are paying for at all times, and we also feature daily discounts and special offers that may save you considerable amounts of money, so keep checking our website on a regular basis.

Olbia and its surroundings

olbia sardiniaHow can you get to visit the surroundings of Olbia without a car? Many are the possibilities for excursions to areas of archaeological and natural interest such as the the Riu Mulinu dolmen (Cabu Abbas), the Tomb of the Giants in Su Monte de Sant Abe, the sacred well of “Sa Testa” and the Maddalena and Caprera archipelago. Thanks to the beautiful coastal areas, Olbia is one of the nodal points of seaside tourism in the island like the amazing village of San Teodoro for example. Beautiful is the sight of coves and cliffs falling steeply into the sea. They make this land a dream for the tourists!

The geographical position makes Olbia a city that can be easily reached by boat or plane and where you can find all the information you need. You will find that also getting into town is easy. To make Olbia popular with tourists are the sea and the beaches. Turquoise, emerald and blue: these are the colours of the sea in Olbia. They wash its shores and its white sandy beaches, offering the visitors the possibility to admire a great variety of flora and fauna. Moreover, the intense perfume of the Mediterranean makes this city a paradise.