Sardinia on international newspapers

Our beautiful island has been featured on many international newspapers lately thus increasing its popularity. On 24 December 2013 Peter Sigal of the New York Times wrote about house hunting in Sardinia in this long article ( The article deals with buying luxury property in on of the most exclusive place: Olbia and the Costa Smeralda (located on the north east side of the island).

On 12 January 2014 Wendy Driver of the Daily Mail wrote an interesting article ( about the off the beaten track places you may come across in Sardinia. Wendy climbed the Mount Tiscali (between Oliena and Dorgali and reachable from the Olbia airport) explored the Ispinigoli Grotto and then headed north to the Gulf of Arzachena and the Costa Smeralda.

On 13 December 2013 the popular cited Sardinia ( about the possibility of attending boat trips around the island.

Update August 05 2015
Another good article about our glorious island has been published by the Guardian newspaper in the travel section: you can find it here.

Update July 27 2016
Not only amazing beaches: Sardinia is also rich in history: in the following article by The Guardian the journalist is writing about the “Giants of Monte Prama” enigmatic Sardinian statues belonging to the Nuragic civilisation.
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